Xplore Vienna 2013

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The Concept



The WUK is closed this summer due to renovation work and as it was very difficult to find a suitable substitute location we decided to organize a small scale edition of xplore in the premises of schwelle7 Vienna.

This does not mean we will provide less input, the program will be as large and varied as usually, however we will only sell 75 tickets at a slightly higher rate.

Intimacy. My body, me and the others. The subject of this years workshops and actions will be demanding, we will facilitate courageous experiments with sexuality and we will organize collective experiences in borderland. We will give preference to participatory concepts that will request collaboration and the desire to play. We will allow space for reflection and artistic translation as well. Instead of offering technical skills we are inclined to open a space for direct exploration of one’s own sexualities and those of others.

The program is under construction, we are still open for ideas and proposals...

Felix Ruckert, May 2013